Ecosocialist Committee


Our Mission

To ensure that the transition to socialism in the United States is based on sound ecological principles, preserving the viability of the natural and human environments for future generations and other forms of life, and bearing in mind the historical and present inequities imposed by racial and carbon capitalism.

What We Do

Our big campaign is the A2 Municipalization Coalition. It's our fight to secure a publicly owned energy grid in Ann Arbor. A publicly owned electric utility would allow us to prioritize renewable energy at a level appropriate to the current climate crisis, reduce costs to consumers, build resiliency in our energy infrastructure, and reinvest in our deteriorating hydroelectric dams.

We also host discussion groups on ecosocialist theory and topics relevant to ecosocialism, community building events such as potlucks and nature hikes, and smaller scale campaigns.

Our Leadership Structure

The committee has two active co-chairs: Tegwyn John and Ian Pearsall

Who We Work With

  • UofM's Climate Action Movement
  • Ann Arbor Climate Mobilization
  • GEO Local 3550
  • Ann Arbor Indivisible
  • Sunrise Ann Arbor
  • State Senator Jeff Irwin
  • State Representative Yousef Rabhi

Getting Involved

You can show up to our twice-monthly committee meetings and recurring municipalization coalition meetings or email us for more info

Contact Information

Please reach out to [email protected]¬†with any questions about getting involved.

Follow us on twitter @PublicEnergyA2