Ministry of Fun Committee

Our Mission

The Ministry of fun is hoping to engage the members of the HVDSA and to bring comrades together in moving towards a better world for all.

What We Do

We primarily are going to be working on helping folks get comfortable with our comrades, and finding fun ways to build solidarity.

Our Leadership Structure

At the moment the committee is new and doesn't have too much of a structure. The hope is to have a co-chair and comrades interested in working specific apps or events (discord and things like Saturday socialism).

Getting Involved

Members can get involved by bringing ideas for fun helpful events to the table so we can hopefully get more input from members as to what they want to do. Comrades can also help by sharing knowledge with folks as to how different apps and things of that nature work, so that we can increase the number of platforms our members can engage on.

Contact Information

Please reach out to the Minister of Fun (Conner S) at [email protected] with any questions about getting involved.

We may implement committee emails at a later date.