Solidarity Committee

Our Mission

The HV-DSA solidarity committee works to support and build mutually dependent coalitions with local organizations and community members to offer projects and direct actions that materially improve people’s lives and build power outside electoral politics.

What We Do

Our committee currently works with the Mutual Aid Network of Ypsilanti (the MANY) and Peace House Ypsi to offer monthly Pull Over Prevention clinics in which we provide free car repairs, food, educational materials, and childcare to local residents.

We also collaborate with food justice campaign, oversee a COVID support system for fellow HV-DSA comrades, and assist the Housing committee with their eviction defense efforts.

Who We Work With

We work with, and are open to partnering with, any organizations in our area committed to our mission.

Getting Involved

To learn more or get plugged in, members should email [email protected] or reach out on Slack.