Internal Organizing Committee

Our Mission

The Internal Organizing Committee was created to initiate and sustain our members' active and healthy participation in HVDSA chapter work. We do this by building intentional relationships with our comrades and mobilizing member engagement in chapter, committee, and community work. We strive to grow confident and skilled organizers and leaders who are empowered to turn their resources into the power to make socialist change. 

What We Do

  • New Member Education: IOC coordinates appx. monthly trainings geared towards new or interested members who desire to learn about DSA, how we organize, our vision for a socialist future, how to best use chapter technology (like good 'ol Slack), and the theories behind how to make socialist change.
  • Organizing Conversations: We talk to a lot of members! Each person that comes in contact with HVDSA will receive an email and phone call from one of our internal organizers. We use these conversations to welcome new members to the chapter and to ensure they have the information to navigate and join in on the work.
  • Annual Survey: We survey our membership each year to get a sense of who our members are, what they care about, and how they feel like we can build socialist power.
  • Coordinate IO activities: IOC coordinates activities related to strengthening our chapter structure, improving internal and external communication, recruitment, and other miscellaneous projects. 

Our Leadership Structure

The Internal Organizing Committee is chaired by the Membership Coordinator, who is an at large Steering Committee Member. The Membership Coordinator is elected for a 1 year term, effective in January. The Membership Coordinator can decide to elect a cochair with confirmation from the committee.

Getting Involved

We're always looking for new members to get involved in the Internal Organizing committee! There is plenty of work to be done (as you can tell from the What We Do section) and we'd be happy to have you. If you enjoy talking to others, phone banking, facilitating trainings, managing data, and just plain 'ole organizing, even better! 

If you'd like to get involved, be sure to contact us!

Contact Information

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions about getting involved. 

Also, visit the Resource Directory to find all of Huron Valley DSA's Internal Organizing resources!