Political Education Committee

Our Mission

HV-DSA is a politically heterogeneous organization with various political tendencies and varying levels of political experience. Because we live in the beating heart of world capitalism, our own radical tradition is hidden from us. Political Education Committee seeks to develop the chapter's understanding of socialism, the nature of capitalism in the United States, why the working class is a critical agent of change, the need for workers’ organizations, examples of working class struggles and radical history, and the necessity of centering struggles against racism and other forms of oppression. Through political education, we strive to create shared political perspectives and language in order to effect social change.

What We Do

Political Education organizes political discussions at each chapter meeting, hosts ongoing study groups, such as "Socialism 101" or "What is Abolition?," and supports committee political education. In the future, we want to expand our study group offerings, host film nights, and and invite guest lecturers to chapter events

Getting Involved

We meet twice-monthly. Email us to get involved!

Contact Information

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions about getting involved.